Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wonder Man (one-shot, 1986, regular series, 24 issues, 1991-1994)

Info from Wikipedia:
Wonder Man first appears in ''Avengers'' #9 (Oct. 1964), and after supposedly dying was not seen again until ''Avengers'' #102 (Aug.1972) where he made a brief "cameo" appearance - still in a comatose state. Wonder Man's body is later revived by the villain Kang the Conqueror in ''Avengers'' #131 - 132 (Jan - Feb. 1975), and then again by the Black Talon in ''Avengers'' #152 (Oct. 1976) and finally the Living Laser in ''Avengers'' Annual #6 (1976). After this last encounter, Wonder Man finally recovers his faculties and joins the Avengers in a full-time capacity in ''Avengers'' #160 (Jun. 1977).

Wonder Man is a member for many years, and for a time serves with the expansion group the West Coast Avengers, who first appear in a self-titled limited series, which ran for four issues from September to December 1984. The team eventually disbands and Wonder Man joins a reformed version called Force Works, which debuted in an ongoing series in July, 1994. The unit, however, splinters quickly and Wonder Man eventually rejoins the main team in issue #4 (vol. 3), dated May 1998. Despite the collapse of the team in ''Avengers'' #503, (vol. 3, Dec. 2004), Wonder Man joins a new splinter group called the Mighty Avengers, who feature in an ongoing title that debuted in March 2007.

Wonder Man also appeared in an on-going series that ran for twenty-nine issues from September 1991 to February 1994 (also included are two Annuals). In 1986 he also appeared in a self-titled graphic novel, which was subsequently followed in 2000 by a limited series titled ''Avengers Two: Wonder Man and the Beast'', which ran for three issues. In 2007 Wonder Man featured in a second mini-series, titled ''Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero'', which ran for five issues.